More Scandinavian fashion – Martin Asbjørn

As a throw back to fashion week in Copenhagen we can’t resist to give you the photos from Martin Asbjørns show. The show was one of the last shows – set in the sunset, which made the photos really hard to nail, due to the backlight. But the clothes… We absolutely love this collection which feels very modern yet very Scandinavian.

Martin Asbjørn is a danish designer who only graduated from school four years back and who’s already reached significant success. In his ss19 collection he throws in warm shades of yellow, brown, purple and blue – some red also tossed in here and there. In a mix of sportswear and relaxed formalwear he tweaks it to his own artistic style while being true to the brand’s heritage from previous seasons.

The style here is really luxurious, understated – which really is the Scandinavian heritage. Instead he focuses on simple details and quality materials. The collection is just simple and very elegant.

Relaxed leisurewear that’s really easy to wear for the modern man of today. Could easily make it to our wardrobe next year.

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