Spacious yet small luxury boutique hotel in Tivoli Gardens – Nimb

The other day we were invited to stay at Nimb hotel in the Tivoli gardens in central Copenhagen. We’ve had our eye on them for some time as they really ooze of style and elegance – which really has not been that common in these parts of Copenhagen before. Nimb is located right opposite the central station – making it ideal from a logistic point of view as the airport is only a short train ride away. You’re practically going door to door even by train – and speedier than you would by car. The entrance is discrete but don’t let that fool you. This a very exclusive luxury boutique hotel. Nimb is also ideal if you’re traveling with kids as you are literally inside the Tivoli gardens amusement park and the kids can just step right out and have fun. Rides and entrance is free for Nimb hotel guests, making it very affordable for families.

This executive suite is located on the ground floor with its own suite-terrace in the Tivoli garden. Ideal for business travelers as you can have meetings in the downstairs social area and close the door to the bedroom, treating it like an exclusive office. However, cuddling up in the sofa with your loved on in the autumn and start an open fire can be quite romantic too.

Nimb is a member of small luxury hotels of the world. With its 38 rooms and suites it really is a small boutique hotel but the feeling throughout the hotel is quite the opposite – it’s very spacious everywhere you go. There is plenty of room wherever you are and you never feel like you’re invading someone’s space – quite the contrary, you’re left to feel at ease and at home here. Hotel staff and management is very attentive to needs and to knowing who every guest is. They really work hard to exceed expectations, providing a personalized touch in service to every one staying here. The feeling throughout the hotel is one of warmth and familiarity. Where many luxury hotels can fel exclusive and posh to the bone, they can also feel a bit stiff. Not here.

Every room is individually designed and decorated with antiques and individual artwork. Materials are durable, exclusive and contemporary yet classic. It is really hard not to feel at home here, every single detail has been paid attention to. You feel welcome here and everything has been generously done. Minibars are not mini, they’re rather a well stocked bar with fine selected wines as well as fine spirits. The usual cheap hotel umbrellas in the reception are here stylish, high quality umbrellas – hanging in the room.

The bedrooms are also quite spacious and beds made with finest Geismar linen that’ll keep you snoozing so nicely all night long.

We especially like small details such as socket for your charger right next to the bedside tables on each side. Many hotels – especially older ones – forget this. Otherwise there is sufficient technology in terms of big B&O screens and speakers – all discrete but very good.

All rooms but one face the Tivoli garden. Some of them have a terrace or balcony. Maybe you’re afraid of noice from the amusement park – but we really were not bothered at all. Rooms are well sound isolated and even if you’re outside on the balcony the hotel is situated in a more calm part of the park. There are concerts here in the evenings though but the sound is off just in time for bed time.  Oh and you can bring your dog too! Not very big ones, but dogs up to 20 kg are allowed in the hotel who also caters to walk your dog when you’re settling in.

But if your own balcony or terrace is not enough well.. The best kept secret is on the roof. Pass through the big bar and take the elevator up to the roof where an exclusive roof top terrace awaits you. The terrace is usually open for guests only, but Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Nimb hosts their “Summer in the City” events between 18:30 and 22:00 where non-staying guests can buy their way in to the terrace.

There’s a cocktail bar, a very nice pool and plenty of tables and sun loungers where they serve delicious drinks to your sun bed. Rhubarb daiquiris, rosé champagne or whatever you feel like.

Nimb hotel is a small pearl in Copenhagen. Copenhagen does not have many luxury hotels and definitely no other hotel quite like Nimb. With its rooftop its the ideal summer location with all of Copenhagen right outside your door step.

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